Do you have a startup idea?

StartupU is your step-by-step guide to testing your idea, learning to be a founder, and presenting your idea to the world.


Who is StartupU for?

This online course is for anyone who wants to turn their idea into a business. The content is designed for founders who want to learn how to test and prove their startup idea quickly. 

There’s never been a better time to pursue a startup idea. However, it can be daunting to know where to start and what to think about. This is why we made StartupU. This business startup course gives you the guidelines and knowledge you need to test your idea before you take it to investors.


What do I get after completing StartupU?

This course is designed to take you to the next level, whether that’s applying for the BlueChilli accelerator program, product development or pitching for investment. For that reason, completing each chapter will get you one step closer to building your startup’s pitch deck.

1 proven framework

37 interviews with startup experts

80 subject focused lessons

1 pitch deck template


Example Pitch Presentation

Designed by experts, proven by over 100 successful startups


Eliminate risk

Ideas aren’t worth anything until they’ve been tested and market interest has been proven. StartupU provides you with the skills you need to validate your idea to see if it’s worth taking further.


Step by step

Our chapter structured program guides you through every step you'll undertake on your startup journey. Our goal is to have you pitch ready once you successfully complete the course. 


Proven framework

The StartupU course has been designed and built by startup experts from Bluechilli,  who collectively, have used this framework to help build and launch over 100 tech startups. 

Lesson sneak peak

Our BlueChilli experts will guide you through every step involved with building a startup. From customer discovery through to pitching, we've got you covered.


Nicola Hazell, Program Director of SheStarts, emphasises the important influence that a pitch has on people who are wanting to know more about your business. 

Alan Jones, Entrepreneur In Residence at BlueChilli, stresses the importance of setting up metrics for measuring success and learning from what you're measuring.

StartupU is your one-stop-shop for starting and growing your business. It’s brilliant.
— Sharyn Grant, StartupU student & startup founder

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